• MLP Season 6 Part 2 Episode List is Starting to Look Legit

    Way back in June, we had two separate episode lists revealed, each with reasons for being real. Unfortunately there wasn't any way to confirm either, and both originated from the wonderful world of unreliable information that is 4chan.

    Since then, we have had several hints at both, but one in particular seemed more legit than the other back then, and is now making the rounds on actual TV listing websites. We also had some hints from the SDCC panel that point at a few of these.

    Head on down below for it! And check out all fully revealed episodes over at the episode announcement tag!

    List from TVmaze:

    19. Buck Ball Season
    20. Viva Las Pegasus
    21. Every Little Thing She Does
    22. PPOV (SDCC panel hinted at a "Rarity episode various different points of view")
    23. Where the Apple Lies (Was summarized on IMDB but taken down)
    24. Top Bolt (Another SDCC thing: Possible Twilight Sparkle going to Wonderbolt academy episode)
    25. To Where and Back Again Part 1
    26. To Where and Back Again Part 2

    Thanks to Raul for the investigating!