• Hearth's Warming Con 2018 Announced (+ Con Vacancies)

    Good news for those looking for another pony convention in western Europe. Hearth's Warming Con, a pony convention in the Amsterdam area of the Netherlands, will be having their third edition in 2018!
    While that is still quite some months away, preperations will have to start soon. For this reason they have opened vacancies for several positions.

    Find the announcement below or over here!

    Hello everypony,

    We’re back! And it’s time to rejoice, because after several meetings since HWCon 2016, the board has decided to go ahead and organise another Hearth’s Warming Con! However, it’s not all roses from here on out though. With only four members in the board/committee, we are too short on hooves and will not be able to organise Hearth’s Warming Con 2017. Thus, we are aiming for 2018, but without an influx of new officers, committee and board members this will not be possible either.


    To make Hearth’s Warming Con 2018 happen, we have written several vacancies for the recruitment of new officers, managers, committee and board members. In case you are interested in working for our foundation and are talented or show potential, please check out the following vacancies and get in touch with us. We look forward to hearing from you.

    – Treasurer (board)
    – HR Manager
    – Venue Manager (Dutch only)
    – Ticket System Manager
    – Tech Manager (Dutch only)
    – Logistics Manager
    – Secretary
    – Events Officers

    Please be patient as we put everything in order for a great 2018. We are currently recruiting, scouting for venues and setting up a ticket system. As soon as we are finished with that, Hearth’s Warming Con 2018 will be green-lit, and tickets will be purchasable. We already have a theme, so stay tuned for that announcement.


    In other news, the 2016 webshop will reopen soon. We have some leftover stock and would like to sell it to fund the 2018 convention. We will not sell merchandise at Galacon next weekend, so the webshop will be the last remaining place to buy your 2016 collectibles. We will not restock on items.