• Two Episode Lists Leaked a While Back, Both With Today's Episodes on Them

    As many of you awake earlier this morning have picked up on, we had a list drop today on Zap2it for the next 6 episodes. While the synopsis were all wrong, Big Jim hopped in and confirmed the titles. The mystery goes even deeper than that though, with a few lists revealed over on 4chan a few weeks ago lining up with these.

    Head on down below the break for some speculation and a possible look at the rest of the season!

    List #1 based on a leak way back on May 25th:

    19. Buck Ball Season
    20. Viva Las Pegasus
    21. Every Little Thing She Does
    22. PPOV
    23. Where the Apple Lies
    24. Top Bolt
    25. To Where and Back Again Part 1
    26. To Where and Back Again Part 2

    This one includes Buck Ball Season, an episode revealed today along with the other five. This was in response to the next list, which the poster noted was "fake" starting at #19 (but did not correct the first 18, which are now confirmed). Now that Buck Ball season has replaced the 19th, it does put the rest of it into question, and makes the "corrected" list above seem more accurate. Have list #2:

    So, what do you think? Which list is the list we are getting? Obviously both people have an inside source at DHX or Hasbro, but only one of them is being honest past #19.