• Second Bob's Burgers "Equestranauts" SDCC Exclusive Revealed!

    It's 100 Degrees Fahrenheit outside--where I am--right now. It's the official start of summer. With both those things in mind, toddland decided to reveal a follow-up exclusive to those t-shirts from a few days ago.

    It's a sweatshirt. Which is more appropriate for the winter.

    I see the appeal of being able to wear this type of swag all year round, and I am sure that the schedule for revealing this stuff was finalized a long time ago, but the timing on the reveal for this one is just plain terrible.

    Anyways, the shirt retails for $36.00 USD and will be available both at the convention and for pre-order with pick-up at the con. You the pre-order idea will probably work out decently since it removes the transaction element which usually holds up the world's largest Line-Con.

    As far as semi-obscure references to this fandom goes, I seriously did not expect Bob's Burgers to do two different shout outs for the same convention.