• toddland Unveils SDCC Bob's Burgers "Equestra-con" Exclusive T-Shirts

    Remember  when Bob's Burgers did their shout out episode to the Brony fandom with The Equestranauts or how the first issue of their ongoing comic series was a direct follow-up to that episode? Well, toddland has created two t-shirts based on it as part of their exclusives for this years Comic-Con International in San Diego.

    To put mildly, I was not expecting Bob's Burgers to beat everyone to the punch with MLP related SDCC exclusives.

    Anyways, the exclusive come in two types: a purple shirt and a dark grey shirt. Both are priced at $28.00 USD.

    If you're heading to the convention, be sure to pre-order the exclusive for pick up. I have a feeling these are going to sell out long before the convention's preview night on July 20th.