• Music of the Day #669

    I hear Trixie is the RAVE QUEEN when she travels to each city. Ponies flock to whatever venue shes at to dance with her. Or something.

    Get music of the day below.

    [1] Source

    Daniel Ingram - Raise This Barn (Fidzu Remix) by Fidzu

    Remix - Progressive House

    [2] Source

    Sunlit Memories by Redire

    Instrumental - Classical

    [3] Source

    MLP:FiM Sweetie Belle's score from On Your Marks by Fluff Brain

    Remix - Midi

    [4] Source

    Hyrule Fluttershy by KingSpartaX37

    Remix - Mashup

    [5] Source

    DJT & R3ctifier Feat. PegasYs - Prey (Progressive Element Remix) by Progressive Element

    Instrumental - Neuro

    [6] Source

    UndreamedPanic - Hearths Warming Cataclysm by UndreamedPanic

    Instrumental - Trance

    [7] Source

    Flyghtning - Tantabus by Flyghtning

    Instrumental - Hard Trance

    [8] Source

    Smile (Pony music) by J25K the EDM Brony

    Instrumental - EDM

    [9] Source

    うすうすベア vs KILXYU - Peeved & Profanity by InklingBear

    Remix - Frenchcore

    [10] Source

    Can I do it on my own - Enermatrix remix by Enermatrix Music

    Remix - Drums and Bass