• Celestia Day Dawns!

    The longest day of the year has dawned my friends and you know what that means: it's time to celebrate the Princess of the Sun! All day you can expect a number of posts dedicated to Sun Butt mixed in with our normal posts so let's make this an awesome day!

    Speaking of awesome, you guys came through in a way I never expected. After our post went up asking for Celestia material we went from a paltry 11 emails to 143, with the number still rising. Also thank you all so much for labeling your emails so diligently, it helps me with sorting in way you might not realize, so thank you ever so much.

    Now let's have some fun and bask in the glow of Celestia for the day!

    For those of you wondering here is our current character event schedule:
    Pinkie Pie - World Smile Day - October 7
    Fluttershy - Arbor Day or Earth Day
    Applejack - Cider Season (October mainly)
    Spike - Appreciate a Dragon Day - Jan 16th
    Cadance and Shining - Valentines Day
    Rainbow Dash - Birthaversary - Feb 1st
    Twilight - Friendship Day - August 7
    Rarity - Fashion Week - September 8
    Sunset Shimmer - Fall Equinox - September 22
    Celestia - Summer Solstice

    Luna - Winter Solstice

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