• The Art of Celestia Day!

    After Calpain posted up that we needed submissions for Celestia day, the number of emails went from 17 to 154! You guys are absolutely crazy!

    Quite a few artists decided to hop in and create things specifically for today too. Lots of new stuff to check out. I won't be compiling the best of Celestia art (including the giant swarms of links people sent, thanks for those!) since we already have a best of Celestia drawfriend post. Check that over here if you are looking for that!

    Anyway, head on down below! We have two sections: Art created in the last week for today, and art created by artists that submit it themselves prior to the collection period. Go check em out!

    [1] Source

    Another Dawn by AganNaga

    Art Created for Celestia Day!

    [2] Source

    Small Shock by Pika-chanY

    [3] Source

    As Day Follows Night by TexasUberAlles

    [4] Source

    by lemonfairydragon

    [5] Source

    by kartoonkane

    [6] Source

    Princess Celestia by PonyPoet21

    [7] Source

    Celly redraw by SilversThreads

    [8] Source

    What Do You Mean There's No More Cake? by bojorquezcomics

    [9] Source

    by meadowroseplushies

    [10] Source

    Even I can fly better than Twilight Sparkle by Oggynka

    [11] Source

    by shmanzu

    [12] Source

    Celesti-YAY! by DON2602

    [13] Source

    Princess Celestia by Flourret

    [14] Source

    Praise the Sun by MLP-SpringHeart

    [15] Source

    The Burning Sun by mikiandthefirefox

    [16] Source

    Star Fields and Daylight by SallinDaemon

    [17] Source

    Celestia Victrix by mattbas

    [18] Source

    Celestia Watercolor by epichearts7

    [19] Source

    by corvoblu

    [20] Source

    Sole Ruler of Equestria For A Thousand Years by ABronyAccount

    [21] Source

    Born To Be Free by saturdaymorningproj

    [22] Source

    The Smiling Sun by LazyRaviolli

    [23] Source

    Princess Celestia headshot by Infernapelover

    [24] Source

    Embrace the Sun by HarmonicDazzle

    [25] Source

    Celestia Day! by Astrid-Flavia-Dorina

    [26] Source

    Princess of the Sun by thearticwolf1

    [27] Source

    Let the Sunshine in by Xain-Russell

    [28] Source

    It's Celestia Day Again! by VanillaGhosties

    [29] Source

    Princess Celestia by MirrorCrescent

    [30] Source

    Sunrise by wdeleon

    [31] Source

    Let There Be Light by auren-dawnstar

    [32] Source

    Morning routine by Alumx

    [33] Source

    A Sister's Fall by Midnight6-6-6

    Source - jeje

    Source -  Ella

    Source - Brian

    Source - ChargerWho

    Source - Alexis

    Source - Roygbiv

    Source - Ponyboy

    Celestia Art Sent for Today By Their Artists!
    (AKA older stuff that people did of Celestia and sent in themselves!)

    [34] Source

    Princess of the Day by JaedynOfEquestria

    [35] Source

    Princess Celestia by Ryouga1100

    [36] Source

    Celestia's rage by FrozenTear7

    [37] Source

    Celestia - Avian by FrozenTear7

    [38] Source

    Queen Celestia by cosmiccutiemark

    [39] Source

    Lf4 by Metallic-Roselle

    [40] Source

    Hot cocoa in the morning by WrinkledReality

    [41] Source

    Poison joke... by SmilingM00N

    [42] Source

    Sisterly love by SmilingM00N

    [43] Source

    I'm sorry... by SmilingM00N

    [44] Source

    EQD ATG 2015 Day 7 by Paulicus1

    [45] Source

    Blush Lessons by meto30

    [46] Source

    Princess Celestia study (colour) by meto30

    [47] Source

    Royal Equestrian Goodwill Tour by TwilightFlopple

    [48] Source

    Princess Celestia by NoxxPlush

    [49] Source

    ...GAWD. by TexasUberAlles

    [50] Source

    Broken Mirror and Broken Heart by JazzyTyfighter