• Marks in Time - All the Colors of the Rainbow!

    My Little Pony CCG has six colors, and the last two sets each had cards featuring 5 different two-color combinations; for example, Blue/Yellow or Pink/Purple. The new set Marks in Time arrives in June, and will include the last 5 color combinations, so that all 15 two-color combos have representation in the game!

    This week MLP: CCG is celebrating Rainbow Week, using the whole "Rainbow Dash finally getting into the Wonderbolts" thing as an excuse to spoil a bunch of two-color cards! It only seemed right to give EQD five exclusive card reveals as part of the fun, one from each color combo, so head on down below the break to see them in all their pastel-colored glory.

    Blue/Orange definitely has some fun stuff going on with their cards, and I don't just mean the game text. Here we see a certain mysterious mare lost in a hedge maze. Is that Princess Twilight? It's hard to tell... Maybe? And up in the Ultra Rare two-color cards we have Rainbow Dash, kicking flank in the alternate timeline where the Crystal Empire invaded Equestria.

    Each combo of two colors has its own Song card, and Blue/White got The Vote, with Diamond Tiara stomping on the competition and winning a single vote! Uh, way to go, DT. As for Friend cards, one of Blue/White's entries is the debut of Svengallop into MLP: CCG, stretching the definition of "Friend." After you've used him to frighten a few of your opponent's cards, you might come around to Svengallop's way of handling situations.

    Limestone is also making her first appearance in Marks in Time, and Orange/Purple reflects the fact that she's a very earthy earth pony but also very much in charge of keeping the Pie Family Rock Farm operating at peak efficiency. And speaking of earthy efficiency, Sweet Apple Factory is one of the two-color Resource cards in this set, which lets you farm your +1 power counters for action tokens - usually an awesome trade!

    Also stretching the definition of "Friend," here we have some of Fluttershy's Unplanned Guests from her goofy attempt at inviting the Mane Six over and scaring them on Nightmare Night. All she managed to do was demonstrate to all of us that she's a weaboo, not to mention a pretty decent artist. And here's another Song card from the set, Fluttershy singing Music in the Treetops just before her friends caught her and tried to get her to join the Pony Tones. It's okay, Music in the Treetops will let her call in some critter backup to fend off the peer pressure.

    We'll wrap up with one more two-color Resource and another MLP: CCG character debut. The Alicorn Amulet is a very magical and visually striking Accessory, and turns any Troublemaker into an even bigger pain to deal with by powering them up and letting you move them around. Speaking of moving, Silver Spoon has finally earned her first Friend card in Marks in Time, and she uses some social maneuvering to move your opponent's Friends around and then make it hard for them to move away. It looks like Silver Spoon is taking advantage of her new Friend card to be the center of attention, and proud of it.

    There are plenty more where these came from! Previous two-color card spoilers have included fun stuff like Twilight Sparkle traveling through time, filly versions of Coco Pommel and Pinkie Pie being totes adorbs, and an awesome cybernetic wing. And there are still more to come, so be sure to follow MLP_CCG on Twitter as Rainbow Week continues and more spoilers arrive each day!