• Marks in Time - New Card Reveals from the CCG Community

    Now that there's a release date for Marks in Time, new MLP: CCG card reveals feel even more "real" than ever before. Every new card you see between now and June is a card you might pull on prerelease weekend and use to totally wreck face! (That's what ponies do, right? They "wreck face?")

    Anyway, it only felt right to spread around the excitement of sharing new card spoilers, so this week three different outlets of MLP: CCG discussion and news were given exclusive card reveals to share with the world.

    Check out all three community resources, as well as the new cards they revealed, down below the break!

    Harry Huberty is not just one of the volunteer playtesters for MLP: CCG, he's also a gaming blogger for geek-topics website GeeklyInc. He recently put out a thorough review of MLP: CCG, and on Monday he published an article about some of the development process behind Marks in Time as well as the following spoiler cards.

    His insight into how the "Growing Up" cycle of cute little filly Mane Six came about is really interesting, as well as his analysis of many of the other cards that had been spoiled by that point, so check it out and keep an eye on more from him in the coming weeks and months.

    When you mix the thematic, pony-ish elements of MLP: CCG with the strategic gameplay and efficient card choices of a veteran card game player, you get Cloudchaser and Flitter Explain! Written from the perspective of Cloudchaser and Flitter actually discussing the game, with Cloudchaser as a hardcore player and Flitter just looking to have tons of fun, every post isn't just informational and interesting, it's cute and fun.

    On Tuesday, Cloudchaser and Flitter posted their discussion about the two new cards they were given to spoil:

    They had plenty to say about both of these cards, from the gameplay impact of a card like Cracking the Case, to the thematic impact of the flavor text on the Flitter & Cloudchaser card. (Cloudchaser secretly loves wearing bows, pass it on.) so be sure to give CaFE a read and follow along to see what else they have to say about the CCG and Marks in Time in the coming weeks.

    Last, but certainly not least, Commentary is Magic is a Twitch stream featuring competitive MLP: CCG players who have a passion for providing analysis on the game and commentary on games in progress. Don't be put off by their skill level, though; they are very welcoming to players of all levels, happily answering questions in the stream no matter how "silly" the question might be! And for those who are interested to hear in-depth discussion of cards, strategies, and the future of the game, there may be no better place to listen in.

    On Wednesday they held a stream, which you can still view over on Twitch, where they discussed each of the cards spoiled from Marks in Time so far, as well as had three particularly epic cards to reveal to the world...

    As more spoilers come out they'll have a lot to say that's worth listening to, and as the new meta for MLP: CCG forms they'll be on the forefront of coming up with new ways to not get your face wrecked. Plus they will have live commentary on MLP: CCG matches at upcoming conventions this spring you may not want to miss.

    With that in mind, you can keep up with Commentary is Magic by following them on Twitch, following contributor EBugle on Twitter (with the added benefit of EBugle being the writer for Cloudchaser and Flitter Explain, so you'll get updates on that as well!), and watching the #mlpccg hashtag on Twitter.

    If you want to take part in MLP: CCG discussion yourself, plus have another way to keep tabs on when any of the above outlets publish new posts, then the MLP: CCG subreddit and the Hey Canterlot! Facebook group are both awesome places to hang out and see what all the hubbub is about.

    In the meantime, stay tuned for plenty more epic card spoilers from Marks in Time coming in the following weeks, leading up to the June 3rd prerelease!