• Sony is Currently Taking Back the Claims on Remixes! - New Albums Officially Listed

    Tons of people have emailed this one, and it's looking like the claims on the EQD Youtube channel are also back. Sony is starting to retroactively cancel its copyright strikes on various Youtube videos, returning them for all the world to see! It seems to be happening in waves, but a huge amount have already been returned.

    This most likely had something to do with the new albums being added to their database of Content ID, and someone over at either Hasbro or Sony swooped in to save the pony remix scene. At least I like to think that's what happened! Complete with cape... and hat! Today is a good day.

    You can grab the NEW albums over here to support this:

    Friendship Is Magic: Songs of Harmony (Music from the Original TV Series)
    Friendship Is Magic: Songs of Ponyville (Music from the Original TV Series)
    Friendship Is Magic Collection

    Vote with your wallets! It's not often a company takes back it's strikes like that.

    Update: It looks like they unblocked it in a majority of previous countries. They seem to slowly be opening it up. 

    Thanks to CMC Scootaloo, AstrumSpark, Chicago, and everyone else for the heads up!