• MLP: CCG Marks in Time Prerelease Weekend June 3-5!

    Mark your calendars - the new set of the My Little Pony Collectible Card Game has an official street date for North America! Prerelease events will be on the weekend of June 3rd through 5th, and will have the usual excellent goodies available like buttons, special foil cards, and more. Check in with your local store, and if they haven't signed up yet and need more info you should have them email info@enter-play.com soon! A map of prerelease locations will be here on EQD as soon as it's available.

    A Prerelease Weekend of June 3rd means that the set officially arrives on shelves the following week, starting June 10th! You can keep up with the latest card reveals on Facebook, Twitter, and by staying tuned here on EQD using the Cards tag for new articles at least once a week during the runup to release weekend.