• Marks in Time - My Teeny Tiny Ponies

    The new Marks in Time expansion for the My Little Pony CCG is on its way, and last week we took a look at one of the major themes from the set - time travel and Equestrian history. This week we're going to focus on the other big theme from the set, which just happens to be frolicking, fun-loving foals!

    There are lots of fillies and colts in Marks in Time, including each of the Mane Six earning their cutie marks, Coco Pommel's first time helping out with community theater, Coloratura singing at summer camp, Starlight Glimmer's early attempts at magic, Lemon Hearts with her head stuck in a flask, and way more! And of course, let's not forget about the Cutie Mark Crusaders, probably the most important foals in all of Friendship is Magic.

    Head on below the break to see plenty of cute little ponies at their cutest and littlest, including some more Equestria Daily exclusive card reveals!

    Let's go through the MLP: CCG color rainbow, starting with Blue! Besides the upcoming Scootaloo Mane Character and Super Rare Friend cards, both of which are still top secret for now, you can look forward to Babs Seed putting her hoof down against bullying, Rainbow Dash growing up into the Wonderbolt we all know and love, a certain ex-bully griffon while she was still at flight camp, Ponyville school's class president, and more!

    This Maud Pie foal card is one of today's EQD exclusives - remember in Pinkie Pride, when Pinkie is looking at a family photo of her first party? Part of that picture was a rare shot of Maud Pie grinning as a filly! Besides Maud and Applejack, you'll also find Apple Bloom as a Friend and Mane (which are down below), Granny Smith as a teen from her Zap Apple flashback, and a certain big brother at his littlest.

    Since Pinkie Pie is the "Pinkest" character of the Mane Six, Pink usually has a lot of cards themed to fun, which means Pink usually has the most foals in most sets. That means you'll see plenty of Pink foals in Marks in Time as well, like special guest appearances by Flitter, Cloudchaser, and Derpy at at Cheese Sandwich's first party.

    You can't have all these foals running around without a foalsitter, so Princess Cadance as a teen is here to save the day and be another EQD exclusive! Plus there are two Pinkie Pie fillies, Minuette from her time in the same class as Twilight Sparkle, and more, including an awesome Ultra Rare that's going to stay under wraps for now.

    There are lots of foals in Purple as well, like Starlight Glimmer practicing magic with Sunburst, Twilight Sparkle earning her cutie mark at her entrance exam, Cheerilee giving Cheese a Sandwich, Twinkleshine trying to save poor Lemon Hearts from her flask, plus Purple is half the colors on the Purple/White Coco Pommel Friend from the header!

    Diamond Tiara finally figured out how to make friends without making them miserable, so she finally has a card in MLP: CCG that isn't used to torment your opponents. Sweetie Belle's Mane Character and Super Rare Friend are important foals in Marks in Time, which will be revealed soon, to go alongside filly Rarity, Coloratura singing the Equestrian Anthem at summer camp, and half the colors on Coco Pommel and Silver Spoon.

    Usually Yellow has "cute little Friends" covered in the form of Critters, but in Marks in Time Yellow still has some foals to go around. There's Lemon Hearts with her head just a little stuck, Fluttershy earning her merit badge in butterfly wrangling, a new Zipporwhill for all you Critter deck players, and part of the colors of Pinkie Pie below.

    There are some two-colored foals in Marks in Time as well, including this Equestria Daily exclusive Coco Pommel, Pinkie Pie breaking all the rules by having multiple foal cards in the set, Silver Spoon's debut into MLP: CCG, and one more that's staying a secret for now.

    As mentioned above, the three main Cutie Mark Crusaders each have Mane Character cards and Super Rare Friend cards in Marks in Time. Each Mane Character has the same Boost condition of "When you confront this card's Problem," and each of the Friends are focused on supporting decks that make good use of the Cutie Marking mechanic that's new to this set. Over the next couple weeks a couple more CMC cards will be spoiled, so that by mid-May we'll have a Cutie Mark Crusader article that rounds them all up and finishes them off with some more EQD exclusives.

    And if you can't get enough of itsy bitsy pony babbies, don't worry, these are just the Friends and Manes! Looking at Events, Resources, and Problems, there are lots of foalish scenes to be found on cards not yet revealed. Stay tuned here on EQD's Cards label and over on the MLP: CCG Twitter to keep up as more cards are spoiled each week, leading up to the set debut the first week of June!