• Everfree Northwest Announces their Entire Ponystock Lineup!

    Are you guys ready for some music? EFNW knows you are and has released their whole Ponystock lineup for the convention happening just a few weeks from now!

    If you're ready to rock out, check on after the break for the full lineup!

    It’s here, the moment we’ve all been waiting for! We’re putting it all out there so you’ll know not only who is going to be rocking your socks off, but when, at Ponystock 2016! Below, you can check out the whole lineup for Friday and Saturday, and what a lineup it is! Are you ready? Are you hype? Are you ready to jump, mosh, and shout all night? We are!


    On Friday night prepare for a face melting, horns throwing, rock n’ roll and hard dance rage fest. Featuring some of the best acts the fandom has to offer, we’re starting this off right!

    7:00 PM - Donn DeVore with Maestro Scherzo and Bright Side

    Frequenting the PNW pony music scene, this husband and wife duo are parody ponies everypony should know! Joining them is guitarist and singer Donn DeVore and his equine inspired jams.

    8:00 PM - Cyril the Wolf with P1K

    Cyril the Wolf is a 1st wave brony musician who’s jammed out with many folks, including Daniel Ingram! This heavy metal bassist and vocalist is ready to explode! Joining him is P1K (aka Poni1Kenobi), an alternative-punk rock musician compared to Blink-182.

    9:30 PM - Sleepypony

    A DJ from rainy England with decades of DJ experience bringing a mixed bag of styles sure to deliver some surprises!

    10:00 PM - Seventh Element

    A genre jumping king of memes who’s been producing since 2008. He reminds you to please jump at Ponystock!

    10:30 PM - HACKD

    Known for some of the most extreme pony tunes giving you a proper off-the-rails, hurricane of beats, breaks, & hardcore rave music.

    11:00 PM - Kill Screen

    Expect new styles and blown minds with upbeat remixes, mashups, DDR tunes & cool new horse music. Get hype, Seaddle, cause it’s about to get lit!

    11:30 PM - Notica

    Bringing the excitement of the convention to the dancefloor with invigorating basslines, and gritty drops sure to be a blast!

    12:00 AM - Eurobeat Brony

    You know him from hits like “Luna” and the original “Discord”. Set the original bar for FiM music in 2011 and continues to raise it.

    12:45 AM - AWal

    An energetic DJ jamming in the polar vortex. He’s certain to keep the glitter kicking round the dancefloor so load up on kandi and glowsticks!

    1:15 AM - Midli

    Wild and high energy stage presence meets hard beats; upbeat, spontaneous and off-the-wall excitement.


    Saturday night we’re getting more cozy with our acoustic acts, with a live performance from Black Gryph0n and Michelle Creber! Then we’ll continue the night with some banging, get your body moving, electronic music in all its Equestrian glory.

    7:00 PM - Luna Jax

    MLP-based vocal music conveying heartfelt messages but still speaking to general experiences that’s sure to warm your soul.

    7:30 PM - Woodlore

    With the earth and sky as his parents, Woodlore was born on the peak of a mountain before coming down and falling in love with humanity’s pleasures; his music will reflect this journey.

    8:00 PM - Michelle Creber and Black Gryph0n feat. Baasik

    Michelle Creber, Black Gryph0n & Baasik kick off their GETTING STRONGER tour and the new CD with a powerful performance!

    9:30 PM - Strumbeat Strings

    Expertly crafted compositions from a friendly guitarist guru working on a masters in music, already holding a Bachelor’s in songcraft.

    10:00 PM - IBringDaLulz

    Best known for his raps and collaborative efforts with other artists, one of the oldest pony fandom rappers returns to Ponystock.

    10:30 PM - Voodoopony

    If old-school hiphop and lo-fi appeal to you as much as future bass and broken beats, then look no further than this brony music veteran.

    11:00 PM - Garnika

    A high energy future house and melbourne bounce producer who’s no stranger to crowds with a sizable performance list behind him!

    11:30 PM - Foozogz

    High-energy horse samples and unusually happy vibes are all ingredients to his tracks, so be sure to treat your ears to a sugar overdose this Ponystock!

    12:00 AM - StrachAttack

    Always a huge mix of delicious EDM; Spinning anything from Electro to Dubstep, Glitch Hop to Trap, even Vaporwave & Top 40! (kidding on the last two!)

    12:30 AM - Mathematicus

    The most mathemagical pony of all ever! Be prepared to handle the magnificence of magical horses, mahou shoujo, and glitchy, bassy, dank hip-hop beats

    1:00 AM - PonyFireStone

    Consisting of upbeat tempos, hypnotic melodies, and his own vocals with songs like “Friendship Through the Ages,” and “Can You Believe in Me.”

    1:30 AM - Voltage Remedy

    Music inspired by Crystal Method and Jacques Lu Cont from a DAW producing DJ who has opened for Darude and Arctic Moon.

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