• Twilight Sparkle and Friends Collection Joins Playskool Friends Mini Figure Sets At Walmart

    More pony merchandise for the pony merchandise gods!If you haven't been keeping up with the three pack sets, a new "Princess Twilight Sparkle and Friends" collection has appeared, with all of the above ponies available.

    And in mother news, those Playskool figures from Toyfaire have also begun their Walmart invasion.  Three sets in all. Head on down below the break for images of those, and the back of the collection above.

    Playskool Applejack and Daisy Dreams

    Playskool Minty and Moon Dance

    Plaskool Rainbow Dash and Bumble Sweet  (I swear the looks like another pony I know...) 

    The back of the Princess Twilight Sparkle and Friends Collection

    Thanks to Ryan and Micheal for sending them!