• Convention News - July 23rd

    Conventions continue to happen as we dominate the world of geekdom! Few can stop the pony armada. Have some headlines:

    Musician Lineup at BronyCAN 2015!
    Pacific PonyCon 2016 Vendor, Panel/Performer Applications are Open!
    Crystal Mountain Pony Con 2015 (MLP) Cartoon Promo 2

    And if those interest you, head on down below the break to check them out!

    Pacific PonyCon 2016 Vendor, Panel/Performer Applications are Open!

    Want to show the brony fandom your amazing art? Maybe sell some awesome custom MLP goods? Or maybe you want to rock out or be a panelist? Well, we have some good news for you, Pacific PonyCon 2016 is excited to announce that applications to vend and to be a panelist/performer are now open!

    Applications are now open and will close on 12/06/2015, no more applications will be considered after that. All applications/applicants will be considered and will be notified of their acceptance status ASAP after being reviewed by the corresponding department.

    Vendors and artists apply here:

    Panelists/Performers/events apply here:

    We want to thank everyone who reached out before the applications went live and remind everypony that space is limited, so make sure to fill out those apps as soon as possible!

    About Pacific PonyCon: Pacific PonyCon 2016 is the very first PonyCon in San Diego, CA. Taking place on January 8-10 at the beautiful Kona Kai Hotel & Resort, Pacific PonyCon brings an escape to sunny San Diego during the cold days that accompany the month of January. Join us at our beach party for some fun, sun, music, ponies and friendship!

    Don’t forget to visit and follow us at:

    Musician Lineup at BronyCAN 2015!

    BronyCAN wouldn’t be complete without hours worth of auditory delight for our attendees and that is why we’re so thrilled to announce the musicians that will be playing throughout the weekend. Our lineup will consist of BronyMike, Caine, FritzyBeat, StratchAttack, Neko-Wolf, Strumbeat Strings, Perfecta, Recca, PonyFireStone, Luna Jax, and Silver Hoof. There’s more! Special musical and voice guests Michelle Creber and BlackGryph0n will be joining the lineup of talented musicians during the evening musical events, in addition to their own exclusive Sunday concert! Tickets for for this show are still on sale at
    $30 through the registration system.

    There is still a month left to register for your weekend pass at a reduced price, before the cost goes up at the door! Hotel rooms are available in the immediate area at the Sheraton, Ramada, Hilton and Marriott, but we will continue to try and open up more rooms at the Executive Airport Plaza this week. Also please remember to pay out for any items in your registration cart, like VIP dinner tickets, concert tickets, and plushies by August 2nd before they go back out on sale! The excitement is building with just a month to go, so we can’t wait to see you all on the weekend of August 21-23!

    Crystal Mountain Pony Con 2015 (MLP) Cartoon Promo 2