• Music of the Day #530

    Ponies have the cutest bellies. I think.

    Get some Music of the Day while you process that!

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    Famitracker Bits - Love Conquers All (GBC-Style) by Travis Nelson

    [2] Source

    MLP:FiM Image Song 29 Bon Bon & Lyra - Forever Friend by B 86ed by Tunestar
    Pop Rock

    [3] Source

    My Wings Aria [Piano-only pre-release] by Aurelleah

    [4] Source

    Flesh and Bone by Encore

    [5] Source

    Flyghtning - Sparkle of science by Flyghtning

    [6] Source

    Past Eventide by 'red Sage

    [7] Source

    PVNK - Blood in the Everfree [Dubstep] by PVNK

    [8] Source

    Agents of Discord - Ultimate Scootaloo (Corpulent Cartel Remix) by Corpulent Cartel

    [9] Source

    Totalspark - Everlasting by OfficialTotalspark
    Happy DnB

    [10] Source

    [MLP Fanmusic] Nightmare Eternal by Time Shield