• More New McDonalds Pony Toys Possibly on the Way

    A brazilian website is listing a few new McDonalds figures to be released over there, as part of another Hasbro toy push. The text indicates that there will be four total, with the Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie, as well as a Rainbow Dash mask.The last, a Twilight Sparkle, doesn't include an image.

    Google translate text:

    The enchanted world of My Little Pony gave rise to four toys. One of them is inspired by Twilight Sparkle, Princess and leader of the ponies, always willing to help friends with the tasks of everyday life. With the mask Twilight Sparkle, anyone can be inspired by the famous princess. For those who like emoão the option is the mask of Rainbow Dash, the adventurous Pony Pegasus. Pinkie Pie, the most cheerful and lively class is represented by a pink pony has a pink mane and includes a comb to comb it. The yellow Fluttershy has a pony tail and pink also includes a comb.

    Thanks to SleepyDingusDad for the heads up!