• SDCC 2015 - My Little Pony Booth Tour

     Outside of Equestria Girls trailers, Hasbro has brought a whole bunch of it's 2015 lineup to show off at the show today. They also seem to have a rather large push for their Nightmare Nights designs. I wonder if this is a sign of things to come? That banner on the left up there literally reaches the ceiling.

    Most of this stuff has already been shown at Toy Fair, but a few are upgraded models or complete versions of prototypes from that section.

    If you are curious about the pony side of the Hasbro booth, head on down below the break to check out everything!

    Friendship is Magic Collection Display

    Random Zap Code Brushables

    More Shots of the SDCC Exclusive Chicken Pinkie Pie Bucket

    This thing is huge!

    The Art of Equestria Book and Rarity Brushable with Way Too Many Cutie Marks

    Solo Dress Up Accessories Ponies

    These are actually really cool. I'll be picking up a Coco.

    Blindbag Wave 13 Apple Family Ponies

    Currently hitting stores.

    Toys R' Us Ponymania Stuff

    Target's Power Ponies

    Also on their website

    Random Equestria Girls Stuff

    That better be sci-Twi and not my pony Twi!

    Vinyl Scratch themed Bike

    Unknown if this is actually going to be sold.


    Expect more from SDCC as we wander around it! And live blogging of the pony panel assuming a connection works there like last year!