• IDW and ABDO Publishing Team Up to Bring My Little Pony Library Edition Comics!

    Well, the MLP comics have been invading School Libraries via the Scholastic Book Fairs for a little while now. Is it really any surprise that the comics are now bypassing the book fairs and going directly into the libraries?

    ABDO Publishing, a book publisher that specializes in producing Library Bound Hardcover Edition Books for libraries all around the world. What this means for the MLP comics is that the comics are going to be reprinted as special

    These aren't the collected editions of the comics that the trades have been releasing for the last few years. Issues 1–8 of the Friendship is Magic Series and issues 1–6 of the Micro Series are being individually republished. That's 14 Hardcover Library Books.

    Issues 1–6 of the Micro Series (for this edition re-branded as Pony Tales) are available now and can be ordered individually on ABDO's website or as a complete set on either ABDO's website or on Amazon.com here.

    Issues 1–8 of the Friendship is Magic series are currently not available to order and are expected to release in September of this year.

    One last thing, these are hardcover editions of twenty-four page comics. You should expect the price of these comics to be four times the price of the monthly printed comic series.

    Special thanks to Cerberus for the heads up!