• Random Merch: Loads of Back to School Stuff, Dress Up Magnet Rarity, Twilight Birthday Candle, and More!

    Sorry kids, retailers are already celebrating your return to school. I remember how painful those commercials are when I was a kid. Knowing that my summer break was slowly ticking away, one day at a time. The dread of the return of homework... bad times.

    At least you can return decked out in pony stuff! These were found at Toys R' Us, and we have way more after everything else below the break. Now go! Get your random merch! 

    Tin Activity Set

    Found at: Walmart
    Found by: SR2K / Vzpix

    Puzzles 3D Style

    Found at: Walmart
    Found by: Tsitra360

    Magnetic Rarity Dress Up Doll

    Found at: Safeway
    Found by: Cameron

    Twilight Sparkle Birthday Candle

    Found at: Bakery Store in Mexico
    Found by: J.A.M.

    Pony Bag

    Found at: Target
    Found by: Mlpon3

    Squishy Pops Display Set

    Found at: Target
    Found by: Mlpon3

    Ponified Frozen Notepad

    Found at: Korona Supermarket in Minsk
    Found by: Nick

    Back to School Toys R' Us Selection

    Thanks to Perfectly Inperfect for sending those!