• Music of the Day #523

    Where is all my nerdy Moondancer music? Shouldn't she be rolling in the robotic science stuff by now?

    Anyway, get your Music of the Day while I figure out how to make one.

    [1] Source

    Evdog - Apples (ft. Itchi, Forest Rain, SophiiVA, Stuart, StormWolf) by Evdog Music

    [2] Source

    Shoot For The Stars by FlyingMelodys

    [3] Source

    Moon Dancer [VRC6+MMC5] by Scooblee

    [4] Source

    Stay Quest [Silva Hound & Tremil Bootleg] by RealtremilCH2

    [5] Source

    [110bpm] Loco (DJT Remix) by DJT♥

    [6] Source

    [MLP][Music] A little dream by Little Jester

    [7] Source

    MLP FIM: Rarity's Theme from Fighting is Magic (Piano Version w/Sheet Music) by mlplifegoeson