• The Voices Behind Today's Episode 100, and Derpy's Official Name - In Credits

    There is no doubt about it, this episode was dedicated to our awesome fandom right here. Several ponies that have largely been either mute or random in vocal ability now have officially established voicovers.

    So, who was behind the voice? And what was Derpy called in the end? Get the full list down below!

    Steven Magnet  and Gummy - Lee Tockar 
    (Best known for his voicework on Snips) 

    I still can't believe this dude was named after a bad Youtube translation. This show is amazing.

    Octavia Melody and Rose - Kazumi Evans 
    (known for Rarity and Luna's singing voices)

    Derpy Hooves / Muffins (credit name) - Tabitha St. Germain 
    (Best known for Rarity and Luna's normal voices)

    Derpy does appear to have fully adopted "Muffins" as a name in official Hasbro legalese, I think we will stick to Derpy though fanside! 

    The Doctor (Literally named Doctor in credits) - Peter New
    (Best known for Big Mac's voice) 

    Lyra - Ashleigh Ball
    (Best known for Rainbow Dash and Applejack's voices)

    Bon Bon (Credit name) / Sweetie Drops - Andrea Libman
    (Best known for Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie's Voice)

    AKA my favorite scene and favorite new pony. Bonbon4life!

    Lily - Cathy Weseluck
    (Best known for Spike's voice)

    Micheal Dobson - Lebowski Pony (Literally named in credits)
    (Best known for Bulk Biceps, Dr. Cabelleron)

    Amethyst Star - Brenda Crichlow
    (Best known for Zecora's Voice) 

    Lotus Blossom - Tabitha St. Germain 
    (Best known for Rarity and Luna's normal voices) 

     I was so happy to see her rockin an accent after not having one earlier in the season!

    Actual credits: