• Discussion: What Background/Fandom Pony Shenanigans Do You Want to See in Episode 200?

    THE YEAR IS 2020

    My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is about to embark on it's 200th episode, and once again the crew over at DHX has a crazy fandom-based idea planned for us! I can't wait! My virtual Occulus pony friend also can't wait. Yes that's a thing now. You just need to download the update.

    For 22 minutes, we will finally get a break from the mane princesses and their silly castle storylines. 22 minutes of glorious background pony goodness!

    Remembering back to 2015, I'm sure a few of you wanted to see something that didn't happen back when the 100th anniversary aired. They can only pack so much into such a short time frame after all!

    So, good fandom of the future (which is now, because we are doing super serious roleplaying). What do you want to see in the upcoming 200th episode?

    Hit the comments up!