• 4DE Announces Doctor Hooves Pre-orders for Episode 100!

    So, that was an absolutely insane episode. To go along with it, 4DE is now running pre-orders on Doctor Whooves plushies! Similiar to Twilight, we have two variants available to appease all the Who fans out there. One with "cool" eyes, and another with traditional pony style.

    Exact description:

    Dr. Hooves is a well-groomed stallion with a (maybe?) mysterious past. His body is shaped differently from his mare friends for a more colt-ly look and he also comes with his own necktie. He stands about 11 inches tall from hoof to head and he's probably counting down the minutes to when he'll make a new friend!

    You can choose between two versions of Dr. Hooves! Do you like him with classic eyes or with a slightly coy look?

    And the links:

    Cool Eyes Dr. Hooves
    Classic Eyes Dr. Hooves