• Convention Compilation - June 13th

    Convention time! We have a few headlines today:

    Michelle Creber and Black Gryph0n Performing At BronyCAN 2015!
    PONYSOUTH Tickets Sales are open!
    Summer Wrap Up Festival 2015 Announced
    Mexico Brony Mexi Con Announced!

    Get the full press releases below the break! 

    And be sure to hit up the convention button on the side bar for all of this year's events! There are a TON of them! Newly added, we have Fiesta Equestria, Summer Wrap Up Festival, and Pacific Pony Con

    Michelle Creber and Black Gryph0n Performing At BronyCAN 2015!

    There’s only about three months left until BronyCAN swings around again, but we’re still working hard to bring our attendees the experience of a lifetime! In this particular case, we’re delighted to announce our latest pair of guests on behalf of the show and community fame alike! Please welcome Michelle Creber, voice of Apple Bloom, and Black Gryph0n, virtuoso and animator, to BronyCAN 2015! This pair of talented singers and voice actors will be bringing their wonderful performance to our convention as part of our growing musical line-up as well as being there to greet their fans!

    More about Michelle Creber:

    Michelle Creber is a 14-year-old actor, singer, voiceover artist and dancer from Vancouver, Canada who is best known internationally as the speaking/singing voice of Apple Bloom and the singing voice of Sweetie Belle on My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. Michelle's on-screen film and TV credits include Smart Cookies, The Haunting Hour, Supernatural, Eureka, Christmas Lodge, Killer Among Us, and The Search for Santa Paws. Michelle’s various acting, musical and comedic skills are also showcased in a new online variety show, Speedy & Stretch, recently launched on her YouTube channel, which features classic & original comedy sketches as well as music videos and special guests.

    More about Black Gryph0n:

    Black Gryph0n (Gabriel Brown) is a 24 year old US Navy veteran who spent the past few years touring the Eastern Hemisphere as lead singer for the 7th Fleet Band where he performed in over 300 concerts, singing in 11 different languages, to audiences totalling over 2 million people. He is a well-known musician/animator/voice actor in the Brony community; with popular original songs including: Proud to be a Brony, Paper Sky, Faster Than You Know, Crusader, and PIRL. Black Gryph0n created the Twilightlicious animated series, and is one of the regular “Reactors” on the popular Bronies React series by ACRaceBest. He also voiced Iron Will in Epic Rap Battles of Equestria and Mr. Cake in Epic Rage Time.

    Please visit www.bronycan.ca for more information, including registering for passes, booking your hotel, travel to Richmond, BC, and more!

    Twitter: @BronyCAN

    FB: https://www.facebook.com/BronyCAN

    PONYSOUTH Tickets Sales are open!

    Hello everyone !

    We are pleased to announce that ticket sales for PonySouth 2015 have started !

    Our ticketing page is right here.

    PonySouth is a French convention happening on the 18 and 19 of July in Toulouse, and while most of its activities will be french-speaking, everyone is welcome !

    Are you from spain ? Good news, Toulouse is just a 3 hours ride from Barcelona ! (1 hour via plane)

    Need a place to sleep ? No worry, we discussed a special discount with the "Campanile Purpan", an hotel that is just 400 meters away from the convention center. More informations can be found here.

    Everything you need to know about the con is on our website : http://ponysouth.fr/en/, and even more announcements are coming.

    So feel free to join us, whether you are from Spain, England, Germany or wherever in the world.

    Just remember to warm up your french a little ! ;)

    Summer Wrap Up Festival 2015 Announced

    September 12, 2015 – September 13, 2015
    Madrid, Spain

    Starting today, and until August 1st, the requests for stands at the con are open for those of you who wish to come as vendors. If you are illustrators and want to offer commissions, if you are crafters and wish to sell your works, or if you run a store and would like to offer your merchandizing to the spanish and portuguese bronies, this is where you can do it. Similarly, you could opt to use this space to advertise your organization's activities or as an exhibition for your little big project before the whole iberian brony community.

    You can request your stand by filling the form in our webpage. In there, you'll learn all the steps you need to follow. If you still have doubts, don't hesitate to ask us through our e-mail address.

    During this month, we will be announcing our guests for the con, the Indiegogo campaign and the selling of tickets. Stay tuned.

    The Summer has just begun!

    Mexico Brony Mexi Con Announced!

    This is a calling to all the bronies.
    The Premier convention in Mexico Brony Mexi Con is waiting for you. On September 20th, in 2015 a convention specially dedicated to all the fandom of My Little Pony in Mexico; In this convention you would be able to meet and greet other fans and truly experience the magic of friendship among.

    We will have the presence of great personalities, such as Maggie Vera (Latin voice of Fluttershy) and Enrique Cervantes (Latin voice of Discord) and also a very special guest, The Brony Chef is going to visit us at this event.

    We will have live music in our con! With awesome Djs such as: W-DJ, DJ Wiklaz y Eniix & Neon Lights.

    We shall have all sort of activities, panels, vendors and awesome prices.

    Don't miss this chance, the event is going to be at: Deportivo Unión Familiar, Salón “Amigo” Calle Juan Tinoco # 20, Col. Merced Gómez Ciudad de México, Distrito Federal

    You cant miss this amazing con. Remember September 20th is going to be 20% more amazing!!!

    For more info about activities, prices and indications visit our website: www.bronymexicon.com Or our

    Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Brony-Mexi-Con/1426756517547714?fref=ts