• The Top 5 Ponies That Look Awesome in Armor!

    For some mysterious reason, the top 5 best looking ponies in socks is incredibly popular lately. I wonder why? Might as well do something similar! Ponies don't just rock the socks after all!

    It's pretty rare to see, probably due to the complexity of outfitting an equine in plate, but ponies in the world of fan art sometimes pop up in full suits of armor. Whether it be full modern kevlar or "how does this even provide protction?" ultra-revealing fantasy armor, they pull it off in both.

    But who fits the look best? Which cartoon horse needs to gallop into battle more often? Head on down below the break for our take on the top 5 ponies decked out and ready for combat!

    Luna - Not Always a Nightmare!

    Luna had to be somewhere on this list. You can't have an armored pony top 5 and not include her. So what makes moonbutt such a perfect candidate for armor? That oldschool charm of course! Ponyland wasn't always sunshine and rainbows, and not being up with the times probably gives her the edge in actually enjoying being all armored up. While others have probably grown out of the practice, I bet moon here doesn't mind equipping a pinchy barely fitting set of plate. She's probably used to it.

    Of course, we can't ignore the colors. White steel on dark blue fur looks amazing. The moon in the night sky! The LUNA!

    Sources: Michellka / Alice444dm / Ponykillerx / Nakijan / NCmares / Scaethlet

    Twilight "Arcane" Sparkle!

    Twilight Sparkle looks great in wings, I can't deny it. However, what I really wanted out of the pony was a more "court high wizard" role. That mysterious mare the royalty turns to that solves problems with her incredible magical talent, badass arcane robes and armor in tow.  She still does it, but "princess" seems like such a lame title for a sorceress of her caliber. Archmage would have suited her much better! Would little girls buy an "Archmage Twilight Sparkle" doll though? I don't really know.

    Luckily we have the fandom, and the fandom recognizes Twilight's need for armor. Celebrate it!

    Sources: Cyanaeolin / Ponykillerx / Jaaaaaaz / Jaz1rus / A4r91n

    Fluttershy AKA Dovahshy 

    Back when Skyrim first came out all those years ago, Fluttershy here was the perfect candidate for DRAGONBORN with her fierce vocal chords and confident demeanor! Following that, the amount of ridiculously cute yellow pegasus in armor images increased dramatically. Is she a bit apprehensive to swing that morning star at you? Maybe... But if you try to harm her animals, expect to have your head caved in!

    Sources: dshou / Ninjaham / Otakuap / Erijt\ / Ponchuzn / Toastwaffle93

    Rainbow "Danger" Dash

    Another required pony for the list. Commander Hurricane was the perfect role for Dashie here. I could see her leading the front lines as she charges to victory with her loyal army of pegusai warriors against the evil griffon baron of... whatever the griffon lands are called. We really need to explore that this season...

    Anyway, Dash takes #2. The armor is actually there to protect you against the waves of awesome she constantly gives off.

    Blitzpony / Seanica / Ponykillerx / Anonphonyx / Legacy350 


    The O.G. armored battle princess. Bask in the overwhelming solar radiance that is Celestia in glorious golden platemail! No other pony could ever come close. There is a reason she has ruled for over a thousand years, and I have a feeling it's all due to dat armor. Would you follow the solar empress to war? Cause I would.

    Sources: Yakovlev / Virenth Thestoicmachine / Ziom05 / Ponykillerx

    Honorable Mentions


    For whatever reason, there seems to be a pretty big lack of Applejack in Armor out there, or she probably would have ended up on top somewhere. Someone get on that? She's pretty deserving of it all things considered. 

    Source: Pixelkitties

    Shining Armor

    Technically it's in his name. He really doesn't wear a whole lot of armor in the show though! What gives I say? Where is Shining Armor's Armor?

    Source: Harwick

    Cutie Mark Crusaders

    I guess it just... fits? Yep.

    Source: Peasantb


    Her armor might not be focused on protection, but at least she'd make it look good right?

    Artist: Madacon

    The Great and Powerful TRIXIE

    Cause I said so

    Source: Sagaashi

    Feel free to toss your armored ponies in the comments. There are so many amazing OC's and ponies that have one or two amazing armored images out there that couldn't quite fit into the list. The header image is a good example of that.