• 2016 Brony Thank You Fund Calendars Now Available for Order!

    The Brony Thank You Fund is kicking into gear this year with a brand new calendar for charity that features a number of super talented artists such as Tsitra, Sibsy, Andy Price, Pixelkitties, and more!

    Interested? Check on after the break to find out how to place your order today and to see who else is involved in this awesome charity project!

    Yes, we know that 2015 is barely a quarter of the way done, and your current calendar seems to have a lot of life left in it, but don't be deceived! Before you know it, it'll be December 31st, and you'll be thinking "OMG, what day is tomorrow?  My trusty calendar has failed me, and now I don't know if I should go to work or not! What am I to do?"

    Worse, you may be stuck having to look at the same tired picture you've been admiring for the last 31 days, with no new page to turn to, full of freshness and joy and all the things that make life worthwhile. You may become depressed, cynical, or even find yourself turning to the dark side of the force.

    Avoid this potential catastrophe by stocking up on a 2016 calendar well in advance. And just in time to serve your needs, the Brony Thank You Fund is here with a new 2016 calendar, full of brand new art commissioned specifically for the calendar from some of the best professional and fan artists in the pony world. This year's theme is "Ponies Go Hollywood"; we've taken 13 classic moments from cinema and television, and reimagined them equine. From "The Shineigh" to "Ponnie Darko", "The Pony King" to "Big Pone6", "Ponado" to "Canterella", it's all here. You'll find work by artists like Andy Price, Sibsy, LeekFish, Tsitra360, Toxic Mario, Pixelkitties and Dana Simpson.

    13 beautiful pieces of art, equestrian holidays like Hearts and Hooves Day and the Summer Sun Celebration, VA and staff birthdays, and trivia about each movie or TV show depicted. And the best part is that all proceeds benefit The Dana Farber Cancer Institute, our official 2015 charity partner. If you're going to be at BABScon, Everfree Northwest, Trotcon or Bronycon, you'll be able to pick one up in person, but if you can't wait or can't make a convention, you can visit our online store at http://goo.gl/QF4KNd. Just a $12 donation (plus $3 US , $9 international shipping) can keep you safe from the expired calendar apocalypse. 

    Twitter: Calpain