• Bound Together Comic Art Anthology Bound for Presses

    Three months after its announcement Bronies for Good is ready to send their artbook, 'Bound Together' to the presses! With 52 pages of artwork and tons of great artists attached to it, it's a steal at just $25. Plus the proceeds go towards helping combat malaria.

    Check on after the break to learn what to expect from the book and where you can place your order today! There are only 30 pre-order slots left so you'd better hurry!

    Good news to those who love art, comics, and helpfulness—Bound Together is off to the presses and will be in your hands in a few short weeks.

    Bound Together is our original charity comic and art anthology, enjoyable for readers of all ages. Top quality artists in the fandom collaborated on this high-quality, full-color, and professionally printed book featuring 52 pages of pony comic stories and individual art pieces: KefkaFloyd (project director), AdlynhBakertoonsCentchiEmberwisp, fxcellent, JowybeanLeekfishMuffinshire, Pasteur, PonywiseSofas And QuillsSpectralunicornStarry Night, and Steve Holt! While PixelKitties had to withdraw due to scheduling conflicts, she sends her earnest support for the project and we brought on additional artists like Emberwisp, Centchi, and fxcellent to help make the book even better.

    Some artists have already posted samples of their contributions, which you can see here. That’s just a taste, as you can only see all of the comics and artwork by donating for the book.

    True to its theme of teamwork and togetherness, all buyers are also collaborators on our joint effort to combat malaria. The revenue generated by Bound Together goes towards the Against Malaria Foundation’s outstanding prevention program. Each copy of Bound Together helps provide multiple insecticide-coated nets to thwart the spread of malaria.

    In fact, the donations from preorders have already exceeded the printing costs, and the project is currently generating positive revenue for the charity. We have 30 remaining preorder slots, and all preorders will ship in April. We’d like to give a sincere thanks to everyone who preordered the book, as without your generous contributions this project would never have been printed. Couldn’t preorder? Don’t worry—the book will be available at various conventions across the globe. The book will debut at BABSCon, with other conventions such as BronyCon, TrotCon, GalaCon, Brony Fair, Czequestria, and more to come.

    Already donated to the project? Please consider making an additional donation directly to our Seed of Kindness fundraiser!

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