• SeaBronies Announce Second Cruise, Andy Price, and More!

    Not content with just the land, pony fans are taking to the sea this year with the first ever Brony Cruise! Things are really taking shape with the convention at sea as not only is a second cruise planned for those who can't make the first, but Andy Price is joining in on the fun for cruise number one!

    Check on after the break for more details as well as information on merchandise you can buy to help support the cruise!

    Ahoy there, ponies!

    Us here at SeaBronies (the world's first meetup group for MLP:FiM fans that holds its meetups on cruises and other nautical venues) have been very busy lately!

    First and foremost, we're delighted to announce our very first VIP guest, ANDY PRICE, who will be joining us on our 'Expedition 1' cruise, a 4-night voyage from Miami to the Bahamas (departing December 14, 2015) aboard the Norwegian Sky! Expedition 1 already has over 20 RSVPs, and you can get more info or RSVP here!
    Secondly, for those of you who can't make Expedition 1, good news: Presenting Expedition Alpha, our alternate 2015 event, departing Long Beach, CA for Baja California, Mexico on August 14 (the week after BronyCon, for those who're counting!)
    SeaBronies is also delighted to announce that we've reached our goal for our VIP Fund Booster T-shirt sale! Sales are closing by the end of the weekend, so if you want to get one of these shirts, best go now to http://www.booster.com/seabronies and snag one before they're gone forever!

    And speaking of merch, we now have something different and adorable for you the public: This amazing Equestria Girls style MERMAID print, featuring our mascot, Sea Sailor! It was drawn by IDW Comics/IDW Limited MLP:FiM artist Jenn Blake, and $5 of every sale goes to benefit charity (namely, the Howard Brown Health Center, which helps serve needy LGBT individuals in the Chicago area.) These adorable prints cost just $12 each, and are available here.

    Want to learn more about SeaBroniesCheck us out on meetup.com! We've got lots of awesome stuff in the works, and we can't wait to bring it to you! But remember, ALL of our VIP appearances are merch-funded... so BUY SOME MERCH, even if you can't cruise with us! :)

    Nautically yours,

    The SeaBronies team

    Twitter: Calpain