• M.A. Larson Heading to MLP-MSP

    Minneapolis looks to be getting Larson'd! Expect to see him at MLP-MSP this year. Full presser below the break.

    M.A. Larson Strikes Back!

    We believe in M.A. Larson, do you? Well, you can believe that he’ll be returning to our convention once again this year!

    While he currently resides in Los Angeles, CA, Larson is a Minneapolis native. He’s written for several animated series including Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends and Sym-Bionic Titan, and has the express ability to bestow powers of flight upon his characters. His first novel, Pennyroyal Academy (October 2014), has an expected sequel coming early 2016, and a Lionsgate movie adaption currently in development by producer Reese Witherspoon.

    For those who attended last year, they may remember Larson’s appearances on several writing panels throughout the weekend. However, whether you did or didn’t see him last year, come see him endorse RedBull this June!

    For more information on our 2015 guests, visit our guest page here!