• Happy Pi Day!

    It's the most delicious of days everyone! Pi Day has arrived once again, but it's a special day that comes once every 100 years! While today is 3/14 it is also 3/14/15, adding an extra two places to this already mathematical day.

    We've gotten a number of Pinkie Pie related Pi Day things today which you can all find after the break! Not too many, but just enough for a light snack.

    Pony Spatial Cognition in Relation to Displacement of Objects in the Equestrian Environment

    "Ponies choose appropriate routes in the Equestrian environments to optimize their own displacements, but they also use this predictive ability to move objects, from thrown apples to rain showers. 

    Ponies have a feel for taking a route that gets them to their destination despite living in a landscape where the shortest distance between two points is rarely a straight line. As I explained before, the slightest shake changes how long a train trip lasts and just hoofing it can get you there faster."

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    Pinkie Pie for Pi Day

    Make your own Pinkie Pie at the link below.