• More Most Dangerous Game Ninth Place Winner There Is Another Sky

    ROBCakeran53 — Like most everyone else, I was amazed how well this was able to combine two of the prompts, whether it be intentional or not. Regardless, since it was published as a MLD prompt, I must look at it that way, and boy howdy was it a MLD prompt. Ignoring MLD’s obvious flaws, this story was able to take the root values of MLD and spin them in an entirely different way, all the while having the same final outcome. That kind of satisfaction that the protagonist did what he/she felt was right in order to protect the pony in his/her charge. The extra character building near the end only added more depth to just what kind of character the protagonist was before… well, lets just say the inevitable ending.


    Lambent Dream
    Description: In another world, Answer Jim was just Jim: the janitor for a school in Salt Lake City's suburbs. In the current one, he ekes out a living collecting scrap and food, barely holding back the gray that eats the world and everything in it. Even souls.
    But he finds a precious treasure in a box. A brown box in a world of gray. Inside that box is color, and life, and a warm summer breeze.
    Inside, is a filly who calls herself Celestia.
    She's more than she seems.

    There is Another Sky

    Additional Tags: Celestia kindles hope's flame