• Upcoming Discord Collector's Tin Announced!


    It looks like the next tin coming from Enterplay, along with the Pinkie and Maud Tin, is Discord! And just like Pinkie and Maud, your first chance to get Discord tins (before they go on sale a few weeks later) is at Ponycon NYC on Feb 14-16, plus at Ponycon you can pick up a free Cheese Sandwich Special Foil and get your first crack at nabbing prerelease MLP Series 3 Trading Cards!

    Contents for the Discord tin are:
    * Special Foil F61 Discord, from My Little Pony Series 3 Trading Cards
    * Exclusive MLP: CCG foil Discord, Master of Chaos, a preview card for Set 4: Absolute Discord!
    * 3 My Little Pony Series 3 Trading Cards Fun Packs
    * 1 MLP: CCG Premiere Booster Pack
    * 1 MLP: CCG The Crystal Games Booster Pack
    * A stellar new poster featuring Discord, Twilight, Cadance, and a tiny glass of water!