• Discussion: What Do You Like Most About the Show? Has it Changed Over Time?

    This is a question we haven't asked in forever, and since yesterday's was such a controversial topic, lets bring it back to the basics and see how everyone's perception of pony has changed over time.

    Friendship is Magic has been going on for four years now, and here in ponyland we have a plethora of different personality types. Everyone has their own reasons for watching MLP, from the hardcore pony obsessed, to the casual viewer who checks it out on the side for fun. 

    So, lets explore it! What draws you to these ponies more than anything? What reason do you have to tuning in each season? Have your tastes over time changed at all? 

    I have a feeling we are going to have some interesting responses here.  As for me, I just like the cute cartoon equines. That's my #1 draw. Anything involving them just becomes more appealing, be it modded into a game or a remix in the background while I work.  This obsession runs deep

    Now go! Comment away!