• Veggie Returns: Behind Every Beautiful Thing

    I'll tell you what is happening little one, Veggie is back in business! For those of you who are new to the fandom, Veggie was a prominent comic artist in our fandom between 2011 and the end of 2012. He introduced a lot of us to adult Scootaloo and his wonderful series of Guy-Ra comics, but unfortunately had to give up pony in August 2012 due to entering into university and all that jazz.

    But no one can shake the pony bug forever and so after over two years he has returned (at least for now) with some new pony content. Talking with him personally he seems excited to be back and ready to show off what he has learned in the meantime.

    Give him a welcome back in the comments and pay his welcome back journal a visit on dA for the full story!

    Click above for the full comic and welcome back my good friend!

    Welcome Back Journal

    Twitter: Calpain