• Hypothetical Discussion: The Season 5 Finale is Simple, Similiar to the Best Night Ever. Would You Be Cool With That?

    I'm stealing this one from Reddit, cause It's a good one.

    Over the years, Friendship is Magic has gone from a simple slice of life show with a rare major event here and there, to season long buildups and epic conclusions.  If our polls are any indication, you all loved how season 2 and season 4 played out, but ask any of the oldschool crowd, and nostalgia is all over the place for glorious season one.  It didn't end with a world changing explosion or villains taking over Canterlot, but it did give some excellent closure for the hiatus ahead.

    And so, we have another one of these fun season 5 hypotheticals.  Lets assume for a moment that we are at whatever date they plan to end it on, and the finale has arrived.  Instead of a new villain wiping out towns and villages, we have something much more down to earth encompassing all of the mane six just being their happy go lucky pony selves.

    Would you be alright with this? Or is your expectation so high that only the most EPIC of finales will satisfy you now?

    Hit those comments up!