• Enterplay Tweet Chat Reveals Some Upcoming MLP CCG Information

    Thr MLP CCG is still truckin along with a huge following of people playing the hell out of it. The devs decided to do a quick tweetchat the other day, revealing some extra information on what we can expect from the next year or so.

    Head on down below the break to check it out!

    Thanks to Mr. Offspring for compiling it!

    On tournaments and organized play:

    The organized play site is mostly done. The software is planned to track ELO but it will also use an accumulating points system.

    Enterplay will continue to use ultra rare cards as top 8 promos for Regionals and similar events.

    Chrysalis will be next Regional Top 8 promo reward.

    On Upcoming Absolute Discord Set: 

    Absolute Discord is planned for early April.
    New mechanic : Chaos. Chaos is a mechanic that triggers when a card is revealed as flip. Once it's revealed you can use the Chaos portion of the gametext.
    Discord Mane Character
    - Start Side : 3 power. Pink. Home limit 4. When you play a card, if you played at least 2 cards this turn, turn this card over.
    - Boosted Side : 1 power. Pink. Home limit 4. At the start of your turn, you may look at the top card of any Problem deck. At the end of each opponent's turn, if that opponent played at least 2 cards that turn, turn this card over
    Absolute Discord set is based on the first 4 seasons.

    General CCG News:

    Enterplay would like to insert every well-known characters as mane characters/friends (that includes bad guys/villains)

    Teamwork was a set mechanic, so it'll probably be a bit before it has the spotlight again, but devs will likely revisit it .

    No details yet, but set 5, 6 and 7 are planned.

    New Friend : Princess Celestia, Fair but Firm - Alicorn, Royalty; 4AT, 2 Blue, 3 power. Text: When this card is flipped, frighten a Friend involved in the faceoff. When this card enters play, you may frighten a Friend.

    Mane 6 could be troublemakers.

    Celestial solstice was pretty popular, so we can expect Enterplay to continue releasing similar products - there's at least one in the pipeline.