• Toys R' Us Listing Zecora Equestria Girl

    Following that Ponymania punk-rocker style lineup, Toys R' Us in Australia has tossed up this Zecora Equestria Girls doll, complete with the mohawk and a whole bunch of piercings. The exact description on her:

    This high-style Zecora doll has a fashion secret and you’re the only one she’ll tell – maybe! She’s got wild hair, a rockstar outfit and sassy boots for the best Equestria Girls look ever. She comes with a clip-in ponytail you can use to make her even fancier!
    • High-fashion Equestria Girls doll looks like the Zecora character
    • Doll has a sassy outfit and boots
    • Includes clip-in ponytail

    She currently clocks in at 30 bucks over there, and hasn't shown up on the US Site as of yet. It's interesting to see them branch out into this scene though!

    Thanks to Micheal, Ossie, and Igladorf for sending it over!