• Story: Love and Barriers


    Author: CvBrony

    Description: [Alternate Universe - Rites of Ascension] Shining Armor and Princess Cadence's marriage has become legend. However, the two were not always a couple. Learn how the famous lovers first met and the stunning lengths that the Princess of Love herself had to go to in order to get her destined beau's attention after years spent drifting apart while Shining served in the military.
    This story is written such that one does not need to have read Rites of Ascension beforehand to understand and enjoy it. However, one should know a few quick, easy things going in. First, Season Three and later do not exist in the Rites timeline, and second, Cadence is a winged unicorn rather than alicorn. Also, I'm aware the comics tackled this topic, but this is in my own AU, and I first wrote this more than a year ago. Consider this an alternate take on the idea. Other than that, you should be able to dive in with no problems.

    Love and Barriers

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