• EPCU - Convention Spotlight

    The pony convention scene in Europe is really taking off and the folks over at GalaCon want to let our European friends know what to expect in the coming months and in 2015.

    Check after the break for all sorts of European goodness!

    Bonjour, Goedendag and ¡Hola!

    this time we won’t talk about us, but our European partner conventions within the EPCU (European Pony Convention Union), which will take place in 2015. The first two will have a booth at GalaCon, the third one is still in its early preparations, but is still shaping up to be an event you should not miss.

    BRONY DAYS – “Frenchip is Magic” is a weird but fitting pun for our relationship to this event. The French convention uncovered M. A. Larson’s darkest secrets and gave all vistors an unforgetable time in 2013. For 2015 they will return in spring to make the city of love the city of pony. Their mascot Mdm. Banane is very unique, very French, and all around lovable.

    HEARTH’S WARMING CON – Winter conventions are pretty rare, so give our Dutch friends a bit of support on their IndieGoGo. In the lovely town of Hoofd(d)rop not only fans of the newest generation are welcome, but every generation of colourful horse fans. Needless to say that a special friendship exists between Canni and their mascot Ember - we simply love Dutch food, like hagelslag, drop and pannekoek.

    SUMMER WRAP UP FESTIVAL  – While escaping from the harsh rain or the cold Scandinavian weather, your typical European goes to Spain, especially in Summer – and next Summer our Madrid friends from IberBronies will wrap up the Summer like every good pony should. So if you are in need of pony fun under the sun, look forward to a summer in Spain and enjoy Maredrid’s hospitality just as Canni will.

    So, look forward to meet them over at GalaCon, and don’t forget our other EPCU partners BUCK, Crystal Fair, BronyScot and Czequestria!

    All the best,

    Your GalaCon-Team

    Twitter: Calpain