• Discussion: What Episode Would You Use to Introduce a Person to the Show?

    Heya everyone! I'm back from the Big Apple and ready to once again post up all sorts of pony stuff. While I was away I got some thinking done, especially when watching some season 1 episodes on the big screen for the first time.

    Back in the day we often discussed what would be the best episodes to introduce people to our little pony friends and show them that this show isn't just a girl's show, but a show for everyone of all ages. Now this was back shortly after season 1 so our choices were limited, but usually people seemed to agree with episodes like Dragonshy, Bridle Gossip, and Party of One as good introductory episodes. But now that we have four seasons of material to work with, what episodes would you guys use to introduce someone new to the series?

    Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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