• Trixie Keychain in Watchdogs!

    WHAT IS THIS I SEE? Is that the Great and Powerful TRIXIE?

    While caption the other day may have been a fake, this has been confirmed to be legit! It looks like some of the devs behind the game decided to sneak a few pony keychains into random cars throughout the city.  As you can see from the above image, it looks like Trixie in the coat and hat the main character wears.

    Apparently there are a few others, and I'm still running around looking to confirm those. Quite a few fake Watchdogs rumors have been funneling in throughout the last week, so double checking is always good!

    Thanks to Matt, Pixelzin, and everyone else for the heads up!

    Update: More images and a /mlp/ Rainbow Dash reference below the break!