• Another Knockoff on the Way? Daring Do

    A bit of a behind the scenes from those Chinese factories working on knockoffs in this one.  It looks like Daring Do may be in the planning stage if that image above is any indiction.  The submitter, Dizarp points out that Onlyfactory is pretty much the same deal (or maybe the same company with a different name) than the usual guys that create the 12 INCHES plushies we have seen appear in the last few weeks.  After a bit of drama with their creation process basing it on fan made plushies, it looks like this is their new way of doing it. 

    Either we are going to see a massive shutdown soon, or Hasbro hurrying up with those approvals for licensors working on their current lines, because it looks like China isn't willing to wait around for years to take advantage of the brony dollars.

    Obviously you can't buy her anywhere yet, but I'm guessing we will see these flood ebay along with the rest of them soon enough.