• PonyCon: Lady Aria Phantasy Premieres Music Video for Pony Hit Single, 'Becoming Popular'

    Big Apple PonyCon is promising to be one heck of a classy event next weekend! One of the biggest programs at the convention is going to be singing by Lady Aria who will cover a number of Daniel Ingram songs, to opera, Broadway, and more during an hour long extravaganza.

    Check on after the break for a sample of her singing and I hope to see some of you there at the convention next week sitting in the audience with me.

    Lady Aria is "The Voice" - After you listen to her, you'll know exactly
    what this means.

    Take a look at Lady Aria's official music video for "Becoming Popular"

    Filmed on location in and around New York City, this cover of Rarity's
    famous song from FiM Season 2's "Sweet and Elite"
    is accompanied by a montage sequence of Lady Aria becoming a pop diva and
    a star of the stage.
    The final scene was filmed inside the elegant Landmark Loew's Jersey, where
    Lady Aria's anticipated performance will happen on Saturday, June 7th
    during Big Apple Ponycon.
    Singing as Rarity, Cadence, Luna and Celestia, Queen Chrysalis and others,
    "LADY ARIA'S PHANTASY" will be a full hour of selections ranging from
    music by Daniel Ingram extending to classic opera, animation to modern
    Broadway, and film.
    Order tickets now on Big Apple Ponycon's website

    Lady Aria Phantasy is a classically trained soprano specializing in
    musical theatre and classical music.
    Trained in Milan and a veteran of theatrical productions, concerts, and
    cabaret all over the world,
    Lady Aria was invited to make her fandom debut by Kar Red Roses at Big
    Apple Ponycon's Cotton Candy Club gala in December 2013,
    and has been hooked on Pony music ever since. Last month she collaborated
    with YourEnigma on the electronic dance track "I'll Come Running"
    the newest installment of YourEnigma's Tavi and Scratch album and an
    overnight success for both artists.

    Lady Aria's YouTube channel

    Twitter: Calpain