• (Rumor) Watch Dogs Pony Reference

    This one popped up late last night on Reddit, and quite a few of you have been submitting it throughout the day.  According to the screenshot, Watchdogs has a pony reference.

    We aren't too sure how legit it is though.  There have been quite a few little memes and internet culture shoutouts being posted in the last week or so as people got their early copies, along with all sorts of internet references.  If this is legit, it took people a long time to post it online.  Right now this is the only screenshot, and as someone who has already put a few hours in I haven't run into it.  Either "Writes MLP fan fiction" is extremely rare, or someone photoshopped it.

    If any of you run into it, feel free to let us know! Until then, have a "maybe?".