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    Story: The Night is Passing (Update Part 16!)


    Author: Cynewulf
    Description: When Celestia went on sabbatical into the west, she promised Twilight it would be only a couple of months. A year and a half later, the sun resists control, the country is in ruins, and her teacher is lost in the wilds. Twilight has become the apostate, her faith in her teacher and her teachings waning. In the wake of tragedy, her resentment blossoms into fury and she vows that something must be done. Shadows gather around Canterlot, and old things that should not have been awakened are on the move. The Student goes west, her hope restored by friendship and righteous fury.

    The night, at long last, is passing.
    The Night is Passing (New Part 16!) 

    Story: Scootaloo Dies a Bunch (Update Part 33!)

    [Comedy] "Scootaloo will die, and you will laugh. A lot." - Pre-reader TheSlorg

    Author: alexmagnet
    Description: Scootaloo may just be the world's most unfortunate filly. She gets the short stick on everything. Of course, it just so happens that that short stick will always entail dying. It's a good thing she doesn't seem to notice that she dies a lot, otherwise things might start to get a bit complicated.

    Short vignettes which reimagine each episode of MLP such that Scootaloo dies in increasingly spectacular and insignificant ways.
    Scootaloo Dies a Bunch (New Part 33!) 

    Story: Warmth (Update Sequel!)

    [Sad][Slice of Life] The opening quote from Hemingway is appropriate, as this work captures some of that author's cold, austere subtlety. This is a short work that explores the loneliness some feel at the holidays. -Pre-Reader #13

    Author: Dark Avenger
    Description: Hearth's Warming Eve. The wondrous celebration of friendship, warmth and joy, held during the most cold and unforgiving days of winter.

    Everypony wishes for something on this day: presents, good fortune, excitement, perhaps even true love. Whatever it may be, above all, they wish for nothing but happiness.

    Every year, by the end of this day, some of them will find that their wish had not been granted.

    Story: Through the Well of Pirene (Update Part 22!)


    Author: Ether Echoes
    Description: Daphne has tried to live her life as any normal teenage girl would, focusing on school and the intricacies of adolescent life in an effort to forget her more imaginative childhood. Now, however, her kid sister has been kidnapped by forces she cannot understand, and she is forced to give chase into a land she had once thought only make-believe. Cast adrift in a strange and magical world, Daphne must find her sister, before she can use the Golden Bridle to take control of Equestria as the pawn of a dark and terrible master.
    Through the Well of Pirene (New Part 22!) 

    Story: Decade (Update Part 8!)


    Author: Hap

    Description: Flash Sentry is ecstatic to be engaged to Princess Twilight Sparkle. But when Princess Celestia becomes suspicious of his motives, how far will he have to go to prove his love for her? How far will he go to keep the pony he loves safe… and will she appreciate it?

    Decade (New Part 8!)