• Bronies: The Musical Looking for Community Help!

    With just a week and a half to go before the premiere of Bronies: The Musical the crew behind the production have a cool idea to get people from the community involved! There is a segment about a brony being bullied named Tyler and the crew would like to incorporate pictures of actual bronies showing support for the character much like we showed support for Michael Morones!

    Interested in being a part of the musical? Check after the break for details!

    Heidi from Bronies: The Musical here. Thanks, EQD and all of you, for your help! 

    If you are under 18 but have and send written permission from your parents, please feel free to submit. And you don't have to be wearing MLP stuff - maybe your sign could have pony art on it? 

    Again, thanks everypony!

    Twitter: Calpain