• Music of the Day #318

    Remember when EQD was bat ponies all night? Good times. Lets bring that back. Have top bat as a header.

    And get some music below. And if you submit music, be sure to include a genre! We had almost none tonight.

    [1] Source
    Brotherly Betreyal

    [2] Source
    Knife Pony - Stay ft Feather (taƵe Remix) (µThunder Edit)

    [3] Source
    [Music] Vylet Pony - Back to Love (Ponytronic Me ka aloha Remix)

    [4] Source
    My Elements of Disharmony - Deadfall

    [5] Source
    Royalpony ft T. Myers- Fall of the Crystal Empire (Dubstep)

    [6] Source
    CxDr - Fading Light (Acoustic)


    [7] Source
    Pick Me - Luna Jax
    Vocal - Soft Rock

    [8] Source
    AshenFlash - Save Me
    Vocal - Synth Pop

    [9] Source
    The Living Tombstone ft. Asi Meskin - Manehatten (Knife Pony & Swedish Horse Mafia Remix)
    Remix - Moombacore

    [10] Source
    Constellations (Vdragon Remix)

    [11] Source
    Matthew N. - Twilight's Lament
    Remix - EDM

    [12] Source
    Musicacorazon ft. Tellab - Around The Hearth (Mystery Remix)