• Press Conference Wrap Up - At Least a Good Amount of It

    While there were loads of technical difficulties during the press conference, we did get to see about half of it.  Outside of the big season 5 release announcement, quite a few other interesting things were talked about.  This is a good amount, though we still need a solid upload of the entire thing to complete it.  Head on down below the break for the last half while you wait!

    Q: There have been 4 great seasons of episodes, what are your favorites?

    Tara: Lesson Zero, Canterlot Wedding
    Meghan: Party of One

    Q: When you write Pinkie Pie, what is the first thing that comes to mind?

    Meghan: She is the character that is most on top of everything, but also looks at things int he most unique way

    Q: Do You enjoy putting in pop culture references? 

    Meghan: A lot of the references are not scripted, and done by the storyboarders.

    Q: How much dialogue is improvised in the studio?

    Tara: Typically they stay very close to the script.

    Q: If you could write your own episode, what would you do?

    Tara: I'd put our OC's in there and join the circus, then join Game of Thrones and hang with Khaleesi / Daenerys.

    Q: How would you like to see the characters change over the course of the series?

    Meghan: It's really more about the experiences and how they approach them.  They can't change too much.  (She is asked if she wants to see Twilight get married and have kids, and doesn't want to go that direction)

    (Meghan for President 2014!)

    Q: What would you like to do after pony?

    Tara: Game of thrones animated series with her as Khaleesi.
    Meghan: Take a really good nap.

    Q: When you finish a script and send it off for approval from The Hub, Hasbro Studios, Hasbro, ect, then get it back, what is the next process for you?

    Meghan: She's kind of used to it, and corralling up the collective notes of the different branches.  She needs to be able to read between the lines and make it work in the end.

    Q: If you had to choose between being able to fly or do magic, which would it be?

    Tara: Do magic and make herself fly
    Meghan: Fly

    Q: What's the strangest gift you have ever been given by a fan?

    Tara: Got a goldfish from a fairly odd parents fan
    Meghan: She's more impressed than weirded out by anthing.

    They seem to like gifts a lot, so send more gifts!

    Q: Which character do you think needs the most work or help?

    Meghan: She thinks they all have somewhere to go.  Spike comes up a lot, and there is much more to explore with him.  

    Q: What are your favorite non-mane 6 pony?

    Meghan: The CMC, Princess Luna, Discord

    Q: One word to describe the season finale.

    Tara: Awesome
    Meghan: Epic, and she so means it this time. It's BIG.